March 13, 2014

Announcing a New Partnership with Strauss Water Canada

Post by Chef Corbin

T6 & T7 - Perspective - 300 dpi


Friends, as you know I am very focused on healthy eating and I have a family whose health is very important to me. That’s one of the many reasons I’m happy to announce a new partnership with Strauss Water Canada.

Strauss understands that proper hydration is important, but that people want the purest, healthiest options for their families. That’s why Strauss makes beautiful, simple-to-use, and affordable water filtration systems. The system is fitted to your water line, so you never run out, and never have to remember to fill the pitcher.

Strauss WaterBar models implement a triple water filtration and purification process, which kills 99.9% of micro- organisms and bacteria and absorbs the chlorine that can be (at least partly) blamed for impairing the taste of drinks. This process combines an activated carbon filter, a micro-mesh filter and ultra violet light to deliver safe, great tasting water, all the while maintaining essential mineral elements including calcium and magnesium.

I invite you to try out a Strauss WaterBar and see for yourself: clean, affordable, pure water in a gorgeous package.

To find out more, visit Strauss Water Canada on the web, Facebook, or Twitter