February 24, 2014

Chef Corbin’s Tips for Spring

Post by Chef Corbin

Although it may not seem like we’re going to get springtime weather soon, it’s still a great time to think about what spring means for your kitchen and pantry.

As the calendar gets closer to spring, it’s a good idea to transition to the foods that spring represents: lamb, asparagus, citrus, a wider variety of colourful fruit and vegetables, and a general focus on “lightening up.”

Even if your grocery store isn’t quite in spring mode, you can look at your kitchen and consider a spring cleaning. Chances are, you won’t be using frozen and canned vegetables as readily as you get further into the year. Donate your canned items, and use up your frozen veg in a stirfry or a stew, and start thinking about transitioning your kitchen to take advantage of spring.

Soups are the obvious transitional food, as are salads. You can incorporate brighter, sunnier flavours while using up your remaining ingredients.

Don’t forget to look into the mystical deep freeze to see if anything is nearing the end of its frozen lifecycle. Use up what you can, and consider using a date system to rotate your food like we do in a professional kitchen.

Some day soon, you will want to look at your cooking tools and rotate your slow cooker for other equipment you might use more in the spring, like juicers or food processors.

I’ll be updating soon with more tips on how to get your kitchen tuned up for spring.

Until then, stay warm!