January 1, 2014

Join Corbin and Weight Watchers for a Lighter You

Post by Chef Corbin




You know I am a food lover, and there is no better time of the year to go crazy with food than the holidays, but there comes that moment when your clothes “must have shrunk in the laundry” and you know you’ve overindulged.

I’ve partnered this year with Weight Watchers to try and find a middle ground: to make great food that satisfies, but also that doesn’t come with the “added baggage.”

As a chef, I could never get my head around eating plans that cut out whole food groups, or heavily rely on “fake foods.” My wife and 3 sons would not be OK if I threw out the pasta or chocolate.

My partnership with Weight Watchers helps me augment my own philosophy on food, that it’s about those communal experiences that we remember and enrich our lives with sensible choices that help me enhance my very busy lifestyle.

I have joined Weight Watchers’ Simple Start plan, and have actually lost some weight even during the holidays. I know it’s hard to keep resolutions sometimes, but Simple Start helps get you into the groove of straightforward lifestyle choices that can help you lose the weight without feeling deprived. Weight Watchers’ list of Power Foods help you stay on track well past the first 2 weeks.

If you’d like to learn more about this new partnership, check out weightwatchers.ca and join me this year!