What are the nutritional benefits or hazards of cast iron cookware sets?

For a while, non-stick aluminum and stainless steel cookware set almost replaced the old cast iron pans. However, they seem to be more convenient, but not as safe and durable as cast iron pans.

If you own some old cast iron cookwares from your parents or grandparents, try to keep them. And fortunately, there are now so many people looking back to classic products like cast iron pans and learning their benefits for the cooking.

Cast iron cookware sets not only have natural non-stick properties but also offer more benefits such as better heat transfer, good heat retention, better cooking, more than 100 years of durability and especially more safety for health. If you are new with this cast iron pans, this article will introduce to you what are the nutritional benefits or hazards of cast iron cookware sets.

Health benefits of using cast iron cookware

  • Cast iron pan helps save cooking oil

Using cast iron saucepan helps you save a significant amount of cooking oil and control more properly the amount of fat in the body. At the same time, the cast iron pan helps to increase the flavor of the dish – using the cast iron pan, your dishes are more delicious.

One of the reasons we use a lot of oil when frying in a non-stick pan is usually because the nonstick layer is not good. The bad non-stick layer leads to the amount of oil getting absorbed inside the non-stick layer, so we often have to add a certain amount of oil.

So what about cast iron pans? Why cast iron cookware helps to save oil. For cast iron pans, the seasoning for the pan at the first use, the fat molecules in the oil when heated will cover the surface of the cast iron pan, help fill the tiny gaps and help the pan hard-hitting.

So when using oil for cast iron pans, oil is not consumed but also helps to strengthen the pan’s natural non-stick layer.

  • Cast iron pan keeps heat well and spreads heat evenly

Cast iron pans made from the alloy iron-carbon – the material that has the best ability to keep heat thanks to the dense density of metal molecules. Whereas for most common pans made from materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, .. often get hot locally in the middle of the pan makes the dish unevenly cooked, burnt, … look unattractive and make the dish lose its deliciousness. With cast iron pans, this problem will not occur.

It is great for hot dishes when using cast iron pans because of their heat-keeping advantages. The pan is very suitable for dishes that need to be kept for a long time during service such as grilled salmon, omelet, grilled ribs, etc.

  • Cast iron cookware sets are safe for oven

Another advantage of cast iron pans is that they can be used in the oven because they are completely made of cast iron. Cast iron cookware sets not only are used for many types of stoves, but we can completely put cast iron pans into the oven to cook many kinds of attractive food such as bread, baked goods, …

This advantage is very convenient when you need to reheat food in the oven.

  • Supplement iron to foods

Iron is an important substance for the body, iron deficiency causes anemia. Cast iron cooking is one way that many nutritionists recommend helping to supplement iron. There have been many studies showing that foods cooked in cast iron cookware have a 16% increase in iron content compared to foods cooked in other cookware.

  •  More delicious food

This cannot be proved by scientific research, but everyone who has cooked with cast iron pans comments that their food is much better. The food cooked in cast iron cookware can remain the original pure delicious taste of the food and that is a good thing.

Some drawbacks of using cast iron cookware sets

  • Cannot quickly change the temperature

Because cast iron transfers heat evenly and keep heat long, once the pan is hot, sometime after 5-10 minutes the pain will still be hot. With normal pots and pans, when everything has boiled, can you quickly reduce the heat and the boiling bubbles stop? But that did not happen with cast iron.

  • Easy to get rust.

If you stagnate water on your pan, it will rust quite quickly. Cast iron easily oxidizes. And when it has rust, you can see yellow smudges appear on the pan (You can remove this stain easily with crude salt and scrubber).

  • Heavy

Cast iron pan is really heavy. If you are having weak hands, cast iron cookware may not be the right choice for you.

Wrap up

Now you are aware of “what are the nutritional benefits or hazards of cast iron cookware sets”. The advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to nutritional benefits, right? Cast iron pans deserve the best kind of cookware you should use for cooking.

Thank you for reading!

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